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Emergency Flood Restoration Patterson Lakes

Are you the victim of a flooding disaster?

Do you reside in the Patterson Lakes, VIC suburb and are you suddenly staring at some flood related water damage in your home? And you immediately need a round of emergency flood repair Patterson Lakes and restoration services carried out so that you can salvage and contain the damage that has occurred.

The aftermath of flood and water logging can leave quite a devastating trail and therefore, in that, if your flooring, tiles, and carpets are subject to water damage, then you need to attend to it immediately so that they are not spoilt beyond repair and if you do not take care of it in time, then they need to be replaced or revamped.

Now that is not always a possibility, therefore, it is worthwhile to engage experienced cleaners from Metro Flood Restoration services to take care of any emergency flood restoration and repairs work that has to be carried out in your Patterson Lakes near me house or even commercial building.

To take care of the water damage and as part of our flood restoration and repairs work, we employ the latest techniques and use the latest speciality tools, and attend to every area that shows signs of damage and also if there are any foreseeable issues or problems, our specialist cleaners nip it in the bud and see to that the restoration work is thorough and no problem aggravates or surfaces again or anytime in the future.

If ever you are faced with unexpected rains, water logging, and the resultant water damage occurring in your residences in Patterson Lakes near me and for which you need an efficient cleaning services company like Metro Flood Restoration services, then just reach out to us to for any help.

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Flood Restoration Patterson Lakes

How it works

  • We accurately identify the type of tile and its finish.
  • The correct pre-treatment solution is chosen for your tile type and applied.
  • Your surface is given a slow speed scrub to dislodge stubborn particles.
  • Steam at 200C at 1200psi is applied to your tiles, ensuring all dirt and grime is lifted and no mess is left behind!
  • Care is taken so that your walls are not exposed.
  • A rebalancing rinse is applied to return your tiles to their natural PH levels.
  • 30 minutes of time is allowed for the tiles to air dry, while some natural stone tiles may take 24 hours to dry properly.


Emergency Flood Restoration Patterson Lakes

Even a small amount of water is capable of producing a large amount of mould which can cause serious damage to your carpets.

At the end of each job, we perform a comprehensive moisture check to give you piece of mind of knowing that there are no hidden pockets of moisture that could later cause serious damage to your carpets.

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Fully Licenced, IICRC certified and insurred.

Water Damage Repairs Patterson Lakes

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Flood Restoration Patterson Lakes

I have been using Danny for around 5 years and for good reason! He is the best in the business! Nothing is ever too much trouble, his work is always completed to a high standard and his pricing is fantastic! Highly recommend Metro Carpet Cleaning..

Vanessa Mascadr
Water Damage Repairs Patterson Lakes

I'm a Property Manager and have used Danny now for close to 15 years for carpet cleaning. He does a fantastic job, and I have never once had a bad experience - he's done hundreds of cleans for me! I actually can't recommend Danny or his business highly enough.

Cadon Williams
Emergency Flood Restoration Patterson Lakes

The best carpet cleaning service we have ever used. I have both used Danny on a personal and professional level and have always received prompt and reliable service. NEVER go with a cheaper company as they are in-superior in comparison!...

Rebecca Storey
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